Okay, this is another great issue, but…Why do two grown men share a bathroom?

There’s not much reason for the Fantastic Four to be in this comic, other than to remind Marvelites of the shared universe.  Which is cool.  Surfer steals a device from Reed Richards to try to penetrate the barrier that prevents him from leaving Earth, but fails.  He is taken in by a black man who, for some strange coincidence, is also a super-smart creator.  He offers to make a device for Surfer that will successfully pop to barrier, but says he needs money.  So Surfer becomes a bank robber.  In the course of his first heist, he mindwipes a cop.

No idea he could do that, and I don’t think he ever does do it again.  (But then again, maybe I was just mindwiped.)

The Stranger finds out about Surfer’s escape attempts and this reminds him to come to Earth and try to kill everyone.  So, they fight on the streets of New York.

In all, a very strange-but fun-story.

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