WEBSPINNERS #1-3 (1999)

Webspinners (full title, “Webspinners: Tales of Spider-Man”) was the third and final relaunched Spider-Man book of 1999, and based on the debut, it’s the most interesting of the three.

It’s an anthology book, and the first three issues have a Mysterio story with really different art by Michael Zulli. It’s so nice to see a book that doesn’t look like all the other Marvel books of the late ’90s. Storywise, Mysterio makes J. Jonah Jameson see God and then believe he’s been sent to Hell. Spidey goes to rescue him and meets the rest of the Sinister Six (they’re hallucinations), goes to the old West (again, hallucinations and illusions), and eventually saves his ornery boss.

Very fun story with, again, fascinating artwork.

Issue #1 has a back-up feature showing Peter and Gwen’s first date. It’s sweet and it’s drawn by John Romita Sr. It easily could have been a whole issue and I’m sure nobody would have complained.

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