Sabretooth #1-4 (1993)

The problem with Sabretooth is that ever since he got linked to Wolverine’s past, he’s pretty much like a watered down version of the same character-and this miniseries doesn’t do much to distinguish him.  

He’s got memory blanks that get a little filled in, a troubled past, he’s a former government assassin.

And he’s got an assistant who rubs his shoulders (above) and looks good with a gun…

As an adventure tale, this is a fine set of issues.  Sabretooth is hired to kill Mystique, Wolverine makes several cameos, etc.

The only thing “important” about it is that we learn Sabretooth and Mystique had a child together—and he’s grown up to be Graydon Creed.

Graydon debuted in Uncanny X-Men #299, but we really get to know him better here.  

He is the one who hired Sabretooth to kill Mystique, Graydon does not have any powers, and he blames all mutants for the crappy job his parents did.  So it’s another mutant-hater with daddy issues.

Anyway, there’s enough fun battles and intrigue that this holds its own as a miniseries, and it develops Sabretooth in the sense of making more connections between him and other X-based characters—but that’s not real development, it’s just seeding future plots.  So nothing bad here, nothing great.

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