Fantastic Four Unlimited #5-8 (1994): Psycho-Man dies?

Another year, another four crappy FFU comics.

#5: Wizard reclaims his “Frightful Four” team. I wish Herb Trimpe would stop trying to draw like an Image Comics artist. Trimpe is a comic book legend. There’s no call for this.

Sue’s thighs are as big as Thing’s arm.

At the end of the story, the team gets amnesia and can’t remember the event. I wish I could say the same.

For #6, the team takes on Namor. Except they don’t. It’s an alternate-universe Sub-Mariner. So none of this counts. They managed to make a horrible comic irrelevant, so, good for Marvel.

Issue #7 really, really should have been good. It pays tribute to many of Kirby’s monsters, like Grottu and Rorrg and others. It would have been perfect for Trimpe’s own artistic style but, no…We’re going to stick with trying to look like Rob Liefeld and Jim Lee.

Issue #8 has a new creative team. It’s better, but not much better.

Dr. Doom is the enemy, with Psycho Man, who appears to die in an explosion at the end of the issue.

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