MARVEL COMICS PRESENTS #121 (1993): Attuma, Mirage

Issue #121 has two 8-pagers.  Neither are featured on the cover.

The first one is an Atlantis-without-Namor story where someone other than Namor foils an attempted coup by Attuma.  I suppose that’s a worthy entry to this series, because it’s kind of a “deep cut” into the Marvel Universe.  But it’s a pretty uninspired story.  Written by Karl Bollers, art by Mark Moretti.  Grade: D.

The second short story in #121 features Mirage, formerly of the New Mutants. Jaye Gardner and Joe Madureira tell a story about when Mirage was a valkyrie, a part of her history that’s rarely explored.  Good idea, mediocre in execution.  C-.

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