X-FORCE #51 (1996): 1st Risque, Meltdown (Boomer)

Cable (X-Force’s leader) and Bishop (not in X-Force, but kind of an outcast from the X-Men) look into how Sabretooth escaped–and nearly killed Psylocked–and figure out that Boomer played a key role.

Cable backs his team-mate and the two begin to argue forcefully (because it always has to lead to punching, right?), until Storm breaks it up.

Bishop presses his point and Cable seems to agree with him. Note that Bishop is forming the “XSE”–a security unit for the mansion. Lord knows they need one. Someone is busting in every other issue.

As for Boom-Boom, she’s in her room sad and blowing up her own teddy bears and cutting off her hair and changing her name again.

Now she’s meltdown.

There are check-ins on the multiple other running storylines. Beast tests Shatterstar’s DNA and finds results that show a relationship to Longshot. Warpath is exercising when he’s attacked by a woman named Risque, who pops off after testing Warpath’s skills and kissing him.

Finally, Sunspot is aware that he can speak Askani, but doesn’t know how he got that ability.

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