Introducing Wundarr (who later becomes “The Aquarian”–not sure which name is worse).

His origin is kinda familiar…

He’s an alien, rocketed to Earth by his parents as the last survivor of his doomed planet.  Except instead of being found by a couple farmers, he grew up in the wilderness, with no knowledge of humans, so he’s basically a big baby Superman  

After he lands, he wanders into Man-Thing’s swamp.

And punches an alligator. You have to feel sorry for the gators around there. Always getting hit in the face.

And Man-Thing finds him, and fights him.

He hurls Man-Thing into a nearby town and they fight there, too.

Man-Thing’s swamp is in Florida. That does NOT look like a Florida city.

And of course, like most people who fight Man-Thing, Wundarr eventually realizes Man-Thing is a cute little monster who doesn’t want to hurt anyone.

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