Web of Spider-Man #107-108 (1993-1994)

Peter returns from the latest Infinity escapade to find trouble at the school where he works.

Meanwhile, Joe Robertson and Betty Brant uncover munitions testing at Empire State University based on attempts to create biotech weapons based on Sandman and Quicksand, which leads to the creation of a third sand-based villain, Sandstorm.

Actually, that’s not fair to say.  Sandman is not a villain anymore—he’s a mercenary.

Anyway, both Quicksand and Sandman appear in this story with Sandstorm so…This is a very dirty magazine.

The two compete for the attention of Sandstorm, with Sandman wanting to hire Sandstorm and Quicksand wanting to corrupt him, and Spider-Man is, of course, in the middle.

It doesn’t matter who wins, though, because we’ll never see Sandstorm again.

In a short back-up story to issue #108 Marvel continues to try to make Cardiac into a black superhero who matters. Carl Potts and Jesse Orozco did the back-up feature.

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