In 1992, for five issues, Spider-Man went to Canada and played hockey and baseball, all in the name of saying “no” to drugs.

Pretty sure these aren’t canon. But they are kinda fun.

Each issue had a unique title, but were numbered sequentially 1 through 5. Technically, the unique titles makes these “one-shots” with odd numbering. Basic summary: Spider-Man fights Electro and Chameleon when they’re linked to Canadian drug smugglers who hide their wares in hockey pucks. Seriously. Some famous hockey players also appear, and issue #5 had Spidey meeting the Montreal Expos. Ghost Rider joined the fight in issue #3 and the Texas Rangers(!) cameo-ed in issue #4 to help out against a version of the Frightful Four that included Dreadknight and Man-Bull(!).

Dwayne McDuffie wrote most of the issues, with different artists assigned to each one.

No, this is not canon.

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