NEW WARRIORS #0-2 (1999): 1st Aegis, Firestrike

The first New Warriors series may have been Fabian Nicieza’s greatest accomplishment, and it is not surprising that nearly a decade after it debuted the hugely popular book returns in 1999 as Marvel tries to figure out what it can salvage from its recent history, which dragged it through bankruptcy.

This first issue is the “assemble the team” issue, with dozens of D-list and forgotten characters appearing, like Power Pack, Darkhawk, The Slingers, Cloak and Dagger, and others. Original members like Night Thrasher and Rage refuse to rejoin, and Justice and Firestar are both with The Avengers.

The new lineup ends up being Namorita, Nova, Speedball, and Turbo from the last iteration of the team, with the Thunderbolts’ character Bolt and a new character, Aegis.

Aegis has Athena’s breastplate, which he found in an abandoned building. It enables him to absorb any threats and spit them back.

The first issues introduce the team and the new threat, a gang of evil science guys called Genecide and Eugenix.

The crime boss Silvermane is also involved, wanting to steal Turbo’s suit. He’s got an employee named Firestrike.

He’s an arsonist, obviously.

It’s all pretty bland.

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