NIGHT NURSE #1-4 (1972-1973)

Night Nurse was one of a trilogy of female-titled books that hit the stands in 1972. (The other two were Shanna of the Jungle and Claws of the Cat, starring Greer Nelson.). All three were actually pretty good but Night Nurse was definitely the worst of the lot.

Ironically, the creators were part of the regular team that would go on to do the Electric Company Public Broadcasting Stations tie-in comic Spidey Super Stories.

It read a bit like a romance book, focusing on three female nurses, who were also roommates, and who worked at the same hospital.

The first was Linda Carter, who had appeared in a 1961 comic called, “Linda Carter, Student Nurse,” and she would go on to have a bunch more appearances (but mostly after the year 2000).

She doesn’t wear a cape, but it sure looks like it on the splash page to #2.

Christine Palmer would go on to be a supporting player in a Nightcrawler solo book in 2004.

And the black one, Georgia Jenkins, would never appear again.

The creators were Jean Thomas and Winn Mortimer, who would go on to lead the team doing the all-ages comic, “Spidey Super Stories.”

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