FANTASTIC FORCE #10-#12 (1995): Huntara leaves

Black Panther meets the Force. The newly reconstituted force, which is now led by Johnny Storm.

Panther is mad because the Fan Force’s Wakandan member, Vibraxas, killed someone in the last arc.

From there, Huntara takes the team on a truly awful mission to some aliens who supposedly can help Psi-Lord stop doing this:

He’s “manifesting visions” of alternate selves due a fragmenting psyche that blah blah blah. This is so confusing and awful and painful.

The mission to this other world has lots of gritting of teeth and fighting.

But it ends with Huntara leaving the team.

So…One down, a few more to go, and we can put this horrible chapter of Marvel’s history to bed.

Johnny Storm also meets an alternate self. A bunch of them, actually. Because there are at least a dozen Reeds, Johnnys, Franklins, etc. running around at this point, and it’s impossible to keep anything straight.

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