AVENGERS #17 (1965)

After an explosion of unparalleled creativity in 1964, Stan appears to be losing steam halfway through ’65.  His work on X-Men isn’t as good as it was, and his Avengers stories are getting…Bad.  And look at that credits box: “Why not?” Don Heck?  That can’t have been flattering.  Between his battles with Kirby and Ditko and jabs like this, it’s clear why artists felt so disrespected by Stan Lee.

I guess it makes sense that they’re searching for Hulk this issue, after their big lineup change, because they need power on the team.  But what they really oughtta look for is cohesion…

Rick thinks he can be an better Avenger than Hawkeye, Hawkeye thinks he’s a better leader than Captain America, Quicksilver thinks he’s a better leader than anyone else on the planet including Captain America, and Scarlet Witch just wants to bone him.  The Cap friction starts here, and becomes an ongoing issue.

Cap even has to tell him how to do his job.

If you read carefully, Cap referenced an underground fortress, and now they’re falling down a hole.  You know what that means…Mole Man!

He’s back, he’s still pissed, and this time he has a Minotaur!

Quicksilver runs ahead and is the first to find the creature.

Cap has to fight him first (why)??

Scarlet Witch uses her powers.

And when they win, Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch act…A little inappropriately?

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