Web of Spider-Man #11-12 (1986)

Peter Parker (not Spider-Man) prevents some kids from raping a woman and becomes a symbol to New Yorkers—not unlike Bernie Goetz or the civilian patrol groups like the Guardian Angels who rose in real life to respond to the state of NYC in the early ‘80s.  


Eventually, street criminals set fire to Parker’s apartment in retaliation.  He changes into Spider-Man, finds them, and gets them arrested, but then as Peter Parker decides they’ve learned their lessons and he doesn’t want to press charges.  Uh, Pete?  They were about to rape a woman and they committed arson on your house. 

I guess if you’re a guy who runs around in spandex doing the job of the police, it might make sense that you wouldn’t want to press charges–but this isn’t presented that way. It’s just like “maybe they’ve seen the error of their ways.” It’s dumb

This is a two-issue story and the only consistent person on both issues is inker bob McLeod, which does make it all feel a little disjointed.

Danny Fingeroth (plot #11), Bill Mantlo (script #11), Bob McLeod (art #11), Peter David (script #12), Sal Buscema (pencils #12), Bob McLeod (inks #12)


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