DAREDEVIL #148-151 (1977-1978): 1st Paladin

Lots of drama.  DD quits (again.). Why?

Daredevil is still trying to clear Heather’s father’s name, after he was framed by Purple Man, but instead, he finds Death Stalker, who is planning a big heist.

I wasn’t clear on his powers until now, but it’s obvious he can kill people by touching them. And he can teleport.

Daredevil putzs around with some of Death-Stalkers minions for a bit until he meets Paladin.

And lots going on with Heather Glenn, and Jim Shooter kinda turns her into a crazy lady.  I mean, like talking to her teddy bear crazy. She leaves Matt a “Dear Foggy” letter that reeks with guilt and self-pity.


That’s what leads to the big rant at the top of this post. He quits. But no sooner than he does, a kid gets hit by a bus–just like in his origin story–and he does nothing to stop it.

That’s a bit much. Way to over-write, Shooter.

So of course he becomes DD again in a matter of pages.

Oh, and the kid survives.

Roger McKenzie will take over soon and do a decent job before being taken over by … Frank Miller, who will really play to the crazy with Heather.

This book is bi-monthly right now.

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