X-MEN #41-42 (1968): Prof X dies


It’s amazing that Roy Thomas can do so well on some books and then do this bad on X-Men.  The book is totally running on fumes at this point, so, when you can’t think of a good way to tell a story, kill a major character:   Yeah, they killed Professor X. 

But first: A battle against the imaginatively-named Grotesk.

Then, as Professor X deploys the team for the next mission, he keeps Jean behind.

There he goes, being creepy again.

During the big battle, X dies.

Only it’s not really him, it’s Changeling. We don’t know that at the time, but that’s why he’s tagged for this post–in case you’re wondering. It’s actually like a big practical joke on the team. Hence, I’m posting it today.

Also, the book was experimenting with a new title: “The X-Men Featuring [character name].”  This became the new masthead for #42-48.  A few examples…


It didn’t make the comic any better.  This is a horrid run.

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