MARVEL TEAM-UP #6, 8-11 (1998): Series ends

The Wrecking Crew escape while on trial. Namor returns from the pocket dimension, and crash-lands nearby.

They fight. Spider-Man joins in.

After they beat the Crew, Namor plunges into the Hudson only to realize he has lost the ability to breathe underwater. The story is to be continued, but doesn’t continue until issue #8. Issue #7 is a done-in-one designed to promote the new Blade movie.

With issue #8, it switches from a “Spider-Man and…” book to “Namor and…” Probably because Marvel just launched a Spider-Man Team Up comic and also because Marvel knew better than to start another Namor comic because those generally suck.

Sub-Mariner goes to see Doc Strange to find out why he can’t breathe anymore. Doc can’t help, but in the process of investigating, Namor learns of problems in Atlantis. Since he can’t breathe underwater he gets Captain America to ride shotgun in an Avengers submarine…

This is awful.

…then he teams up with Thing. Actually, he fights with Thing. And Wrecking Crew comes back.

The “story” here is completely haphazard, but I’m this far in so screw it I’m just going to keep going.

Wrecking Crew invades Atlantis(!) and Iron Man and Namor team-up now. For this issue, he takes some pills given to him by an Atlantean doctor that are supposed to temporarily enable people to breathe underwater–it’s what they use to negotiate underwater with people from the surface world.

And after saving Atlantis we finally learn why he couldn’t breathe underwater…

Seriously? It was all in his head?

Anyway, after all that, the series is cancelled and here are the final panels…

…Yeah, it looks like yet another “Namor is king of Atlantis and wages war on the surface world” story is coming.


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