WEB OF SPIDER-MAN ANNUAL #9 (1993): 1st Cadre

The mandate for the 1993 annuals was to create new characters, so here we get three of them that are, collectively, called “The Cadre.” We get to see the trio as babies, young kids, teens…It’s an extended origin story. They were raised under the protection of the Knights of the Templar.

We also meet Seth the Immortal, who is hunting the Cadre on behalf of the Hellbent–who are in opposition to the Knights. The Hellbent are from Moon Knight. Which brings us to…

Chloe, who was the housekeeper for Steven Grant (Moon Knight), but who also works for the Knights of Templar. This is the first time we see that she’s a Knight.

The conflict ends up on the streets of NY, where the Code Blue police force get involved and then Spider-Man joins in. Spidey is largely unnecessary to this story, perhaps because it’s written by Moon Knight’s writer.

The story takes place across three chapters, each by a different artist.

So, this annual didn’t just introduce a new character, it created a whole group of characters. Do you care? Probably not. But the characters do appear again.

There’s a back-up story about Cloak, Dagger, and Mayhem. It’s horrible. And anther about Nightwatch that’s not much better.

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