WOLVERINE #79-81 (1994): 1st Expediter

This is pretty smart: Cyber decides to get some flesh-eating beetles to eat off all of Woverine’s skin, so Cyber can get his adamantium bones and sell them. A new character named Zoe Culloden tries to help Wolverine deal with Cyber. (Zoe will later become Expediter.)

Over the course of the story, through multiple fights with Cyber, Wolverine starts to realize he is getting weaker, and actually goes insane.

He goes to Muir Island, where Moira MacTaggert figures out that he’s been poisoned by Cyber.

Cyber attacks on the island, but with Nightcrawler and Kitty Pryde’s help, the weakened Logan is able to imprison Cyber on the island.

We also learn that Cyber failed to kill Bloodscream. I’m betting he’ll be heading to Muir Island for revenge.

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