GAMBIT #16-19, Annual 2000 (2000)

Gambit is back in the present after a seemingly interminable “stuck in the past” arc, and he has full strength biofield, which means he can kiss Rogue on the mouth.

Then he goes back to Louisiana and gets stabbed by Bullseye as a work-for-hire.

Then he meets Deadpool, because Fabian Nicieza helped create Deadpool and because Deadpool is a much more interesting character than Gambit.


Plus, the Deadpool series is pretty much beloved at the time, while Gambit’s series sucks.

Deadpool was also hired to kill Gambit.

Gambit counter-hires Deadpool.

The “assassination game” continues with lots of people trying to kill Gambit until it culminates in his annual. I should say, it degenerates in his annual as it ends up being more stuff about New Son, a plotline that NOBODY cares about.

One of the guys trying to kill Gambit is named Fireballs, which is low-key funny.

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