Marvel Comics Presents #138 (1993): Deathurge

Here’s a bizarre little vignette written by Matt Idelson and penciled/inked by Malcom Jones III.  Spider-Man protects a bunch of critically ill hospital patients from Deathurge, who wants to kill them.

I didn’t realize that Deathurge was really just a death stand in.  That wasn’t clear in the character’s earlier appearances versus The Avengers.

What’s even odder is that Spidey fights him off in a fight that makes no sense (he knocks Deathurge out the window, but Deathurge can fly) and then wonders if he did the right thing by saving patients’ lives.  And then it just kinda ends.

So it’s not awful, but it’s weird and short and doesn’t really go anywhere.  Of course, that’s kinda par for the course for a lot of Marvel Comics Presents stories, I guess.

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