Iron Man #205 (1986): Zombie MODOK

In this issue, Iron Man fights MODOK.  Now, MODOK was recently killed by the Serpent Squad—so how can he be back?

Easy!  He’s being run by remote control by AIM, who took possession of his corpse and has been using him as a laptop.  Seriously.  This was 1986, long before portable computers were a thing, so a giant, flying computer was still a useful appliance—even with a corpse rotting along with it.

I wonder if Denny O’Neil wrote this before he knew MODOK was going to die?

At the end, before Iron Man can trace the signal, AIM blows up MODOK.

Too bad.  I would have enjoyed more zombie MODOK.  And I would have liked that panel more if there were more body parts in it.  But at least there’s an arm.

Also, Tony Stark is building his own space lab.

This is one of my favorite Denny O’Neil stories.  Full list here.


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