UNCANNY X-MEN #149 (1981)

At the end of last issue, we saw that Cyclops–who had been stranded on a desert island–has accidentally discovered the secret lair of Magneto. This issue begins with what looks like Professor X writing a term paper on Magneto. Weird.


Yeah, yeah, Magneto returns in this story but really?  Sprite?  With roller skates? That costume is terrible.

Anyway, this is mostly a one-off with the X-Men searching for Magneto, who is on a deserted island with Scott Summers as his prisoner. Lots of the kind of fun character work Chris Claremont did so well.

They explore one of Magneto’s old bases and find what remains of Garokk the Petrified Man after his defeat at the hands of Ka-Zar.

They fight and ultimately win. Again, this looks like filler so that the big Magneto return could take place in issue #150.

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