Marvel Two-In-One #90 (1982): Spider-Man

Spider-Man and the Thing are the stars of Marvel’s two team-up books, but they haven’t actually teamed up together.  It makes sense to run the story in MTIO, since it didn’t sell nearly as well as Marvel Team-Up and because Spidey in 1982 was Marvel’s most popular character (starring in 3 monthlies and guest-starring in multiple series each month).

The two heroes are at a Renaissance Fair.  After that, this story writes itself, doesn’t it?  A “fake” magician becomes real because of some dark magic, blah blah blah.

It’s not bad, it’s just pretty predictable. Except for this:

A kid is wearing a “Star War” t-shirt. At this time, Marvel had an ongoing Star Wars comic and the film franchise was the biggest of all time. I wonder if this typo was penciler Alan Kupperberg’s fault, or if inker Jim Mooney made the error?

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