Peter Parker the Spectacular Spider-Man #105-106 (1985)


Paladin is hired by a mobster named “Granetti” who is trying to use muscle against Janet “Wasp” Van Dyne, who bought business that is unionized under Granetti.

Only it turns out, Paladin is really on her side—because the two of them used to date.

There’s not a lot of reason for Spider-Man to be in this story, but I found the panel at left odd.  First, I didn’t realize Wasp was a “secret identity.”  I seem to recall Jan walking in and out of Avengers mansion all the time in her limo.  How does he not know Wasp is Jan Van Dyne?  Second, look how she’s looking out at the reader for comedic effect, as if to say, “how does he not know I’m the Wasp?”  I swear this is breaking the fourth wall.

I also really enjoyed the above sequence, in Avengers Mansion.  It shows why Peter David is such a great writer—he gets how to do character work.

Jim Owsley gets plot credit.

I give this a B+.  Not because this is anything significant—it’s not—but because it’s just well written, well drawn comics and makes great use of Wasp, who rarely gets such extended screen time.

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