Speedball #5-9 (1989)

This is just a bad book.  In these issues, Speedball takes on corrupt cops, a criminal in a rat mask, Harlequin Hitmen, a mobster named Bonehead (who is a lot like Hammerhead, only with a terrible name) and other extremely silly creeps.  And he keeps trying to capture Niels the Cat.  Niels is also to focus for #6, where he’s kidnapped by cat-aliens.

This feels like a Golden Age comic, and it’s very, very dated.  How is Roger Stern scripting this stuff?

And yet the campiness feels like it could have gone somewhere, it just never really found its feet.  And I still don’t really understand Speedball’s power set. He has balls that do different kinds of stuff.

(That’s what she said!)

Next issue is the grand finale.

I graded these issues D-.  Really it should be F, but who can give a failing grade to Stern and Ditko?  Not me.

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