Thor: Godstorm #1-3 (2001-2002)

Godstorm is a high-quality miniseries by two top-notch creators at the top of their games.  The story itself is good for Gods.  It’s reminiscent of the old “Tales of Asgard” features, and Steve Rude does his best Jack Kirby imitations on the art.

Godstorm is a sentient weather event.  Loki tries to use it to create mischief with Thor, telling the Godstorm that Thor—the God of Thunder—wants to enslave Godstorm and take its power.

Loki also enables Godstorm to possess a human—endowing the dude with weather powers, tricks it into destroying ships and oil rigs, etc.  Thor’s powers enable him to repeatedly subdue Godstorm, which seems to lend credence to Loki’s lies, when what Thor is really doing is preventing death and destruction.  The tale spans over a century, starting when Thor and Loki are children and moving into the earliest days of The Avengers.

The whole story is narrated by an old man, telling stories to two children of Asgard.  At the very end, the old man hits his walking stick on the ground and…

This is really how Loki should be used: As a chaos-creating troublemaker.

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