Marvel Premiere #28 (1976): Legion of Monsters!

Someone has the pretty cool idea to get Marvel’s coolest-looking horror characters and put them in a story together, but they decided the best villain would be sci-fi God made of gold????

This would have been a cool concept for a horror or horror-adjacent book.  Instead, it’s just awful.

The monsters fight an alien named Starseed.  He can control their transformations.

And he makes them fight each other, which is the cool part but there’s not nearly enough of it.

And Frank Robbins draws it, to boot, so…Ugh.

This issue had a February 1978 cover date. In September, Marvel tried this again–in the black-and-white Marvel Preview, titled “Legion of Monsters.” Same logo, event. But instead of forming a legion, the magazine just had a bunch of monster stories.

So, twice in 1976, we had a huge missed opportunity.

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