Archie Meets The Punisher #1 (1994)

Yes, this happened. And it was pretty fun.

The book was written by an Archie writer, with art by the title characters’ series artists–each drawing only their own characters. That’s a pretty great idea.

It opened in a pretty hardcore sequence (at least it was hardcore by Archie standards), with Punisher chasing someone through the streets.

He gets away, and Punisher tracks him.

The gangster realizes he looks a lot like Archie, so he hightails it to Riverdale to steal his identity and hide from Punisher.

Then we get the intro to the “Archie” part of the story, which is also really well done…

This is a GREAT comic!

Microchip helps Punisher stake out the Riverdale gang.

To tone it down for Archie readers, the storyline had Punisher working with the government to track the fugitive.

Misunderstandings follow. There’s a happy ending.

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