Marvel Comics Presents #46-48 (1990): Sub-Mariner, Captain America, Arabian Knight, Wasp, Storm, Doom

Time to sum up a bunch of 8-page tales.

First, a bizarre Submariner story.  Namor is barely in it—it’s really about a seaman who is in love with a whale that attacks his boat.

In MCP #47, Captain America visits veterans at a VA hospital where some anti-American terrorists act up. Cap gives them a beat down.  Then Arabian Knight beats up a sand demon.  No imagination in these stories, and having Knight fight in the desert against a Sphinx-looking demon is about as stereotypical and boring as a story can get.

Finally, #48 has Wasp being “stalked” by a fan—so she hires a security firm, who can’t even stop the kid from getting into her apartment.  Ridiculous.

Then Dr. Doom and Storm have a really, really weird story.  Doom’s Latverian forests abut the forests of a country under Storm’s protection (what’s the geography there—isn’t Storm an African Goddess?!), so he brings in robot tanks to destroy a factory that is polluting the area.  The two figure out that they’re both tree-huggers, then the robot tanks lose their minds because of Storm’s electric powers so they team up to destroy the tanks.

It’s a very, very odd story but I like the pairing.

Sub-Mariner: Hollis Bright, Dell Barras.  Grade: C-
Captain America: Len Wien, Steve Buccellato.  Grade: C
Arabian Knight: Scott Lobdell and Don Perlin.  Grade: D+
Wasp: Marc McLaurin, Eric Shanower.  Grade: F
Storm and Doom: Dwight Zimmerman, Rodney Ramos.  Grade: C

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