STRANGE TALES #159-168 (1967): Nick Fury; 1st Clay Quartermain, Contessa Valentina Allegro

Jim Steranko is now unbound by Jack Kirby’s layouts, but he starts with a photonegative splash page and sequence.

Perhaps to pay tribute to the great one who came before him.

From here, it’s a standard story with far-from-standard art. We start with an arc teaming Nick Fury with Captain America, but Cap has never looked like this before…

…Steranko combines agility and hypermusculature in a way no one had done before–and few have done since.

A few other heroes stop by as well. And the villain?


And, of course, there’s tons of Bond-like gadgets. Like an invisible car.

That can change colors as well.

And terrorists like Hydra.

And we meet Agent Clay Quartermain and Agent/future Hydra leader Contessa Valentina.

There’s even a fold-out, four page spread!  How innovative, and cool, is that?!? 

Sternako’s run ends with #168, when Strange Tales becomes a full-length Brother Voodoo book.

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