This is a prestige event, with a back cover.

Without explanation, the Son of Satan formerly known as Daimon Hellstrom becomes Hellstorm. Name retcon! It’s addressed like this:

He just likes the new name better. That’s hilarious.

The mythology of this comic, which involves Gabriel the Devil Hunter and a bunch of dark arts practitioners for profit, doesn’t matter a whole lot, so I’m not going to spend a ton of time on it.  In the first issue, we learn that there’s a fake Damon Hellstorm wandering around, Gabriel the Devil Hunter is pursuing him, and the real Son of Satan breaks out of hell to take down the faker.

Gabriel and Hellstorm end up bonding a little in the end.

I generally don’t love Marvel’s back magic comics, but this one is good.

1 thought on “HELLSTORM: PRINCE OF LIES #1 (1993)”

  1. Daimon Hellstrom/Hellstorm COULD be a major player in the Marvel scheme of things if Marvel could just figure out how to properly use him. ( Giant-Size Defenders#2, from 1974, was a step in the right direction ) An interesting sub-plot in the ‘Hellstrom’ saga is how sis Satana keeps trying to seduce her brother! Naughty-naughty! But she IS a succubus, and they ARE the children of Satan, so this IS in-keeping for her character! Most Marvel comics have a little sex going on in them- Daimon and Satana just take it to a level that is logical for THEM! Tsk-tsk!


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