Weapon X #6-13 (2003): The Underground

Aurora has always been (quite literally) crazy (she has a diagnosis) so I’m going to say that’s why she’s now in love with the overtly, cartoonishly evil Director of the new Weapon X program. She was injured and he’s presided over her recorver.

Then, the Director sics Sabretooth on his ex-wife but before he can kill her, Director sees his own picture on her bedside table and decides she still loves him so he’ll spare her.

This is where we are now. In really bad soap opera land.

Meanwhile, Cable got his hands on footage of the Weapon X concentration camps and broadcasts it. This is the main plot for these issues, which I’m blowing through quickly because they’re bad. Cable gets a team together and they work to shut down the program. There are twists and turns along the way, but none really worth writing about. Colcord gets increasingly abusive of Aurora, but she seems to have extreme Stockholm syndrome and stays with him. Several Weapon X members betray the organization and help Cable, while others are taken by “Doctor Windsor” who, on the final page of this story, is finally revealed to be Mister Sinister.

Former SHIELD agent Brent Jackson takes over as Director, and in the insurrection Malcom’s face is destroyed. He and Madison Jeffries escape, but only after a battle with Cable’s troops.

Garrison Kane dies in battle with Madison Jeffries. He absorbs all of Jeffries’ “boxbot” sentient tech.

It’s very silly.

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