Nick Fury is dead and has a funeral in Hulk’s comic because Nick doesn’t have a series of his own. And because Peter David writes Hulk’s book, it’s a good comic.

Hulk, during the event that led to Fury’s death, could have stopped Punisher from killing Fury and chose not to. There are some interesting interactions about this, with the bottom line being that Hulk saw no reason to intervene because SHIELD and the government are kind of dickish to superheroes. He points this out to Wolverine, who is a mutant, but Wolverine implies that he wouldn’t have let Punisher go after Fury.

It shows that Wolverine elevates personal loyalty over the actions of the government, where Hulk kind of does the opposite.

The dislike of Hulk is played for laughs, too, by no less than Bill Clinton.

Interesting stuff that makes me wish there were more writers of David’s calibre in the mid-’90s.

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