Uncanny X-Men #425-426 (2003): Sacred Vows

Polaris has a bachelor party and leaves with the stripper after saying she is only marrying Havok “for the genes.” Meanwhile, the stripper at Havok’s bachelor party is a shapeshifter who takes on Nurse Annie’s appearance—forcing Havok to reveal that he has feelings for her.

This causes Havok to call off the wedding—at the altar.  Seeing what’s already happened, that seems like a good idea to me, but Polaris goes beserk.

They fight until Juggernaut knocks her out.

Along the way, the real Nurse Annie calls Iceman a homophobe based on his reaction to Northstar having a crush on him, Juggernaut joins Nightcrawler’s X-Men team, and some other minor things happen.

Another pretty bad story for the flagship X-title.

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