Power Man and Iron Fist fight a toymaking professor.

He makes a robot that shoots a ray that…

Never mind. That’s clearly a Dalek.

The best part of this book is: The relationships.  Even in combat, it’s their patter that shines through.

I know this book is not “great” in any objective sense of the word. The writing is definitely above par, but the stories, the villains, the basic conflicts…There’s nothing fresh about them. And yet, the series is a cult classic. Why?

It’s the warmth between the characters. And the fact that there really wasn’t ANYTHING else like it out there are the time. It wasn’t just an interracial bromance. There was also interracial romance…

Misty has authentic hair. Sure, Luke doesn’t say his “gs” (all his words end in ” in’ “), and he says “Christmas” and “Crud” a lot, but other than that, the ethnicity is neither forced nor stereotypical. Misty is probably the smartest character in the series, and it’s about two duos where the black character is dominant: PM&IF and also Misty and Colleen’s Nightwing Restorations.

And, again, there’s the warmth. The love in this book is evident no matter who writes it.

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