X-MAN #75 (2001): Series ends

X-Man was a series that started really good but the time it ended it had lost its way. It started being about a refugee from a fake universe who needed to find a way to fit into a the Earth of the 616m but by issue #75 it was about…A guy having sex with his own mom. Frequently shifting creative teams, constant events popping in and out of the ongoing stories, sloppy continuity, a main character who acts like a messiah but we (and he himself) all know he’s not one…Yeah, it’s time for this puppy to end.

Nate fights an evil, Godlike being and he–and the enemy–are vaporized together in battle.

As a result, a little drop of them will be in everyone on Earth for all time. Gross.

A kid who Nate saves–a kid with super powers–decides to take over Nate’s messianic role in the end. Problem is, he’s never seen again so…Who cares? Plus, X-Man himself isn’t really dead. He comes back in 2010.

Very unsatisfying ending.

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