WONDER-MAN #16-18 (1992-1993)

A comic that started out as a fun bromance book is now getting very dark.

Simon fights some gangs in Los Angeles and gets really, really pissed off.

And nearly beats one of the gang members to death.

The West Coast Avengers fight him a bit because, you know, nobody talks shit out when they wear spandex.

It’s a fun battle, but I”m a little tired of these kinds of fights.

It’s also kind of dumb that after a big fight his teammates decide to leave him alone and deal with his dark side in his own way.  I mean, why would they do that?

At the end of this arc, Wonder Man quits the Avengers.

Tribute cover!

The street gang was funded by Lady Lotus, who is fomenting anarchy in Los Angeles.

She’s also got Rampage and Splice employed.

All with the goal of getting Wonder Man to lose his s#!t on TV.

Other notes: These are Infinity War tie-ins with Wonder Man’s doppleganger, and Spider–a civilian castmember–gets powers in these issues. I’m not tagging him because he only ever appears in this comic and he’s dumb. It’s my blog, and I can do what I want. If you don’t like it, blog about Spider Beach yourself.

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