PETER PARKER SPIDER-MAN #39-41/#137-139 (2002)

Doctor Octopus returns!

He appears to be controlled by Fusion, via a computer virus that infiltrates and controls cybernetic limbs. However, Ock wasn’t really under Fusion’s control–he was faking it, just to get close enough to steal radiation-tracking technology from Fusion. The tech was supposed to be able to identify and track Spider-Man via his radiation signature.

Fusion starts activating his cyber-limb virus and people with cybernetic arms start losing them. This alerts Spider-Man that Fusion’s tech company is sinister, and he investigates (briefly with Daredevil, who has a cameo).

Fusion and Ock fight Spider-Man, who escapes.

Later, Ock turns on Fusion and beats him nearly to death, and takes the radiation-tracking device.

He leaves Fusion’s beaten body hanging with four stolen prosthetic limbs attached to it–giving Fusion an 8-limbed body.

Fusion is beat up so bad that he never appears again.

Then, Spider-Man beats up Ock and gets the device back, turning it over to SHIELD.

Solid action sequences, a good plot that keeps moving and has enough twists to keep the interest…A well done story overall.

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  1. God the art is so good. Jenkins wrote a particularly savage Ock and that will be shown again when the book transitions into Spectacular Spider-Man.


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