BLACK PANTHER #26-29 (2001): Stürm und Drang: A Story of Love & War

This story picks up a thread thrown down by Chris Claremont way back in Marvel Team-Up #100, which had a short back-up story featuring a love affair between Storm and Black Panther, during their youth.

Storm returns home to Africa and they have some “reunited” moments–just fun and flirting until Storm gets her mind hijacked for an action sequence. There’s also some stuff with Vibraxas returning home.

But all that is preface to the main event: The return of Klaw and a war with a neighboring country. Due largely to Klaw’s machinations, Genosha, Latveria and Atlantis are impacted and drawn into the conflict–with all their countries on the brink of war until Namor decides to work with T’Challa to end it.

It’s a complex “epic” story–beloved by fans–and it has way too many details to do justice in a simple post. But this is a nice scene, with T’Challa showing some rare vulnerability…

It ends in the U.S., with Black Panther in handcuffs and an angry mob–who blames him for all kinds of terroristic acts (that he didn’t do)–ready to attack him. And Agent Ross by his side, as he has been since issue #1.

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