DAREDEVIL #362 (1997)

Matt’s having dreams about his ex, Black Widow, while sleeping next to his ex-ex, Karen Page–a former porn star. But he’s not having a sex dream, he’s having a fight dream…

Then someone with a gun comes after Rosalind Sharpe–the head of the law firm where Matt and Foggy just made partner–and Deuce the Devil Dog saves the day.

Turns out, Roz is beholden to some local organized crime leaders for reasons not worth getting into in detail. Daredevil gets her out of it.

Karl Kesel and Cary Nord’s run has mostly been characterized by quiet done-in-one stories that develop a deeper supporting cast than we’ve seen in Daredevil before.

The issues are GOOD even if they aren’t “important” or “events.”

I’m still really enjoying it. This is the way Stan and Jack and Steve intended comics to be.

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