SPIDER-MAN: POWER OF TERROR #1-4 (1994-1995): 1st Scorpia

First off: Terror is NOT in this comic.

Maggia schemes are not anything new, but the idea of the half-human cyborg Deathlok meeting the half-human cyborg and Maggia leader Silvermane has potential.


Deathlok faces off against Hydro-Man, Beetle, and Speed Demon. That’s fun.

Spider-Man fights the Maggia, and MJ is worried.

Silvermane finds out that Deathlok exists and wants his body for himself. That’s how this all ties together: Spider-Man stopping a gang war, Punisher doing the same, Deathlok hunted by Silvermane, and some other super-villains working for/against Silvermane.

Daredevil and Punisher (of course) also appear.

Nothing changes as a result of this comic. It’s a solid read, but it’s nothing you’ll miss if you can’t find it. The only thing about this comic that is memorable is that it has the first appearance of Scorpia.

It all ends with bliss.

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