Spectacular Spider-Man #174-175 (1991): Gerry Conway’s run ends

David Michelinie is brought aboard to finish this old Gerry Conway plot, whose run is now officially over. 

JJJ has the Daily Bugle back, since Puma decided he and Spider-Man were square and he didn’t owe him the favor of stopping the paper from printing nasty editorials anymore.  Consistent with his indomitable style, Jonah Jameson erects a statue to himself outside.  But underground tremors knock it over.

The cause of the quake…

Doc Ock!

 As far as Doctor Octopus plots go, it’s a fairly pedantic one.  He holds the Daily Bugle—and Mary Jane inside—hostage for ransom.

Jonah, it turns out, was prepared and had hired Silver Sable’s goons for protection, but they’re no match for Ock.  But of course, Spider-Man is.

Ock escapes in the end.

During the tale, MJ appears to take Jonah’s side of the “bad Spidey” debate…

 Not sure why she is deciding to pick this fight.  

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