Thunderbolts #75 (2003)

As the cover to Thunderbolts #75 illustrates, this issue is about blowing the team up.  Thunderbolts #76 will have a new creative team and an all-new lineup that will try to be funny while the Avengers/Thunderbolts miniseries takes over the main storyline and ultimately leads to a rebirth/rebranding in New Thunderbolts #1.

After the last arc, all the dozens of heroes and antiheroes scatter their separate ways. Notably, Eric Josten gets his growth powers back.

And there are dumb dick jokes.  Hawkeye goes back to the Avengers, trusting Zemo to get it right this time.  Abe Jenkins quits again. Etc.  After the various characters each get at least a panel of “closure,” Zemo goes right back to where he started…

Sigh.  This is what I mean about this series.  It’s an endless churn of plots that all feel kind of the same.

As noted above, this issue leads directly into the Avengers/Thunderbolts “event” miniseries, which will be cowritten by Nicieza and Kurt Busiek.  The Busiek sections will be much better, while Nicieza will attempt to continue all the storylines he started in #75 when he should have been wrapping things up.  What this will do is make the A/T series a very uneven read.

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