AVENGERS #221 (1982): One of My Favorite Issues EVER!

The Avengers want a lineup change. Wasp wants some girlfriends.

Damn skippy.  But first…

Hawkeye joins the band.

This was a great, great issue.  It had lots of guest stars, a cover that fun as hell, and, the return of Fabian Stankowicz, who can’t even beat up a Dazzler.  Wasp auditions women to join the team.

She-Hulk is the one who takes Fabian out.

And for the first time in Avengers history, we ended up with a lineup where the second strongest person on the team was female and the least powerful was male.

Hawkeye immediately feels threatened.

Bonus picture: The cover of the issue ends up being the cover of an issue!

This is one of the best single-issue stories of all time, according to this objectively accurate list.

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