SILVER SABLE AND THE WILD PACK #31-34 (1994-1995): Conflicts of Interest

After nearly losing her father, getting locked up in prison, and being stalked by Foreigner for failing to perform an old assignment, Silver Sable is naturally feeling unconfident. She goes back to her native land, and learns she is pregnant.

In what may be one of the most interesting comic book pages of 1994, Sable’s secretary arranges for an abortion and Sable resists.

Even though the daddy is Foreigner, who she slept with in order to save Amy Chen.

There’s a lot of pretty mature subjects here. Her father, injured during a prior battle, complains of being a paraplegic and unable to go to the bathroom without assistance. Sable wrestles with her recent decision to kill the Nazi who murdered her mother many years ago.

We need some action.

So Hammerhead hijacks a bullet train in Japan, and Sable has to take him down.

He also ties her up.

Sandman helps foil the villain and then…

Seriously? Sandman is in love with Silver Sable?

And in the end, it turns out she wasn’t pregnant after all–it was an erroneous test.

But all the events of the past several issues have taken a toll, and Sable quits the mercenary business.

Which makes Sandman sad.

I really never would have thought that the Silver Sable comic would be one of my favorite reads of the year.

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