Punisher Back to School Specials #1-3 (1992-1994)

OK. I’m not going to do individual write-ups of every single short story in every issue of these three specials. It’s just not worth it. None of these are important. They’re not (all) bad stories, but good God. How many times can I read about Punisher killing mean people?

In the very first story, Punisher goes undercover as a teacher to track down gun runners who are using children. The best Punisher-and-kids-in-school story is (and will probably always be) Child’s Play.

Aside from that, not all of the stories are within the theme, but at least the main one in each issue does take place in a school. I will say I like the idea of Punisher focusing on cleaning up the NYC Public School system. I’m a product of it, and on my first day of school I saw a kid get shot. Back in the late ’80s/early ’90s, there were certainly a lot of problems that warranted intervention.

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