Uncanny X-Men #192 (1985)

The team plays “hide and seek,” but it looks a lot more like “tag.”

Nightcrawler tickles Rogue.

And regrets it.

And Colossus clobbers Warlock.

No, it’s Magus. They just look the same.

And Magus clobbers Colossus.

Warlock hasn’t been doing much in the X-Men book so far, but in this story daddy comes home.  Magus, Warlock’s father, has been hunting him in cut scenes ever since Warlock’s first appearance. 

It’s a great extended fight scene. 

To win the day, Rogue absorbs Magus and that scares him so he runs away. It hurs her, too.

Not sure why she uses the kiss touch. But I guess every other part of her body is covered.

At the issue’s end, Professor X gets attacked by a mutant hating mob and can’t defend himself.

This is not a great showing for him–he’s incredibly powerful and should have been able to handle this. Plus, he has use of his legs–he should have been able to run away.

He’s dragged off by an unseen figure.

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