Uncanny X-Men #192 (1985)

Nightcrawler teases Rogue.

And regrets it.

And Colossus clobbers Warlock.

No, it’s Magus. They just look the same.

Warlock hasn’t been doing much in the X-Men book so far, but in this story daddy comes home.  Magus, Warlock’s father, has been hunting him in cut scenes ever since Warlock’s first appearance.  It’s a great extended fight scene.  In the end, Rogue absorbs Magus and that scares him so he runs away.

At the issue’s end, Professor X gets attacked by a mutant hating mob and can’t defend himself.

This is not a great showing for him–he’s incredibly powerful and should have been able to handle this. Plus, he has use of his legs–he should have been able to run away.

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