While the world of Spider-Man turned to shit, Kurt Busiek was still writing about Peter Parker and doing a damn fine job. “Legacy of Evil” is actually the name of a book Ben Urich is writing, and it goes through Spider-Man’s history with Green Goblin as Ben writes about the kidnapping of Normie Osborn. So we get to see Mark Texiera beautifully reproduce classic Spider-Man/Green Goblin scenes.

He interviews a bunch of people including Molten Man.

We also see Ben’s little nephew, Phil Urich, reading the rough draft of the book. Phil will eventually become the third Green Goblin.

There isn’t a lot of “important” stuff here, other than the exhumation of Harry Osborn’s coffin–where it is confirmed that his body is inside, and he is really dead (but he’s not of course). But it’s a really good read–and that’s important enough. Especially in the “Ben Reilly” ’90s.

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