DAREDEVIL #16-19 (2001): Wake Up

These issues are the first to offer David Mack’s painted art on the interior, which is nice. “Wake Up” is mostly about Ben Urich trying to locate the “villain” Leap Frog, who has gone missing. Urich learns this from Leap Frog’s young son, Timmy, who is basically a zombie–sitting on his bed chanting a story about Daredevil fighting a made-up villain called “The Fury.”

Ben Urich is a reporter, not a social worker, but for some reason Timmy’s mom asks Ben for help tracking down the father, in the hope that it will break her son out of his stupor.

The mystery focuses mostly on Urich (with cutaways to the trial of the Kingpin, which is going on at the same time).

It turns out, Leap Frog was an abusive father and to escape his behavior, Timmy sabotaged his costume–enabling Daredevil to defeat him.

Note: This version of Leap-Frog is new, debuting in this story.

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